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STEM Field Trips

STEM disciplines are an integral part of all of kids’ favorite activities. By showing them how things like eating, creating, and roller-skating tie into science, technology, engineering, and math, we can engage their minds and encourage kids’ passion for learning. FunQuest partners with Lynchburg area teachers to show kids real world applications of the concepts they learn in the classroom. We have multiple lesson plans to choose from, giving teachers a chance to tie-in daily education with a fun lesson that will make it stick. After all, there’s nothing better than getting kids excited about learning!

STEM Field Trips

Book a STEM field trip for students of any age. FunQuest has a variety of lesson plans tailored to different disciplines and age groups that teach kids about.

The Science of Skating

Friction, Geometry, Area, and Perimeter

Motion & Rink Design

Force, Friction, Diameter, & Circumference

Music, Math, & Skating

Beats Per Minute, Frequency, & Speed

Acoustics & Rink Design

Sound System Design, Frequency, Path of Sound

Engineering Magic & Lighting

Types of Light & Lighting Design

Physical Fitness

1 Hour of STEM Education, 2 Hours of Roller Skating

Book your STEM Field Trip Today!

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